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Life Long Ago Workshop

This week the Reception children had the opportunity to become palaeontologists as part of our topic about Dinosaurs. We learnt about where each dinosaur lived, what they ate and of course how they became extinct! The children took part in a fossil dig where they carefully searched through the sand to find different fossils and then used the information around them to identify what they had found. We managed to discover an allosaurus skull, an iguanodon footprint and even a spike from a stegosaurus' tail!  The children all behaved brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

White Post Farm

We enjoyed a fantastic day at White Post Farm this week. We walked around the fields where we saw llamas, deer, cows, pigs and wallabies. We had great fun feeding the sheep and goats! We were also able to hold a newborn kid and lamb in the barn. We also explored the reptile house and got to hold a bearded dragon! The children loved visiting the farm and their behaviour on their very first school trip was excellent! Well done everyone! What a great day! 

People Who Help Us

This term we have been learning about People Who Help Us and we have been really lucky to have some very special visitors in school. Nurse Clark told us about her role as a nurse and showed us some of the special equipment she uses to make people better. She also demonstrated how she applies bandages to her patients and we enjoyed bandaging teddies in class. PC Lockton talked to us about the different ways the police help us and he even let us try on his uniform! We were thrilled to explore the police cars, the van and the animal carrier and Flurry the police dog gave us an excellent demonstration of his sniffer dog skills on our field! Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service explained the importance of having smoke alarms and showed us the special equipment they have to protect them when they are called to a fire. We loved exploring the fire engine and squirting water on the field! Thank you very much to all of our visitors - we now have lots of budding nurses, police officers and fire fighters in Reception!

The Gingerbread Man

This week our work on traditional tales focused on The Gingerbread Man. After reading the story and developing our fluency with some echo reading, we had great fun following the bossy instructions when baking our own. The children really enjoyed mixing, rolling and decorating their gingerbread men and were very excited to taste them at snack time! The children were also challenged to use their knowledge of materials to build a boat for the gingerbread man to help him escape from the sly fox - some were more successful than others!


This term in PE we are working on improving our strength, balance, flexibility and motor skills with a series of Yoga lessons! The children have been practising a range of poses including the frog, cobra, fish, shark and butterfly. Can you guess which poses we are holding in these photos?

Investigating Materials

This week the children investigated the strength of the materials used in The Three Little Pigs story. They had to predict whether they could blow straw, sticks and bricks down by huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf! After that the children predicted whether they could blow the straw, sticks and bricks down using a fan and a hairdryer. Following our investigation, the children then had a great time working with their Year 5 buddies designing and making a new house for the Three Little Pigs using junk modelling. Super team work everyone!

The Three Little Pigs

Our focus for the next couple of weeks is on traditional tales. This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story The Three Little Pigs. We used a class story map to practise retelling the story with a focus on using expressive voices for the characters. The children then made their own story maps and worked in groups to retell the story independently. We had some super versions, with some brilliant Little Pig and Big Bad Wolf voices.

Great work everyone!

Our Nativity

The children did a fantastic performance of our nativity 'A Bundle of Joy!' Although we missed having a 'live' audience and having the singing support of our Year 5 buddies again this year, the children performed brilliantly. They thoroughly enjoyed all of the singing and dancing and having a chance to dress up and some of the children were even brave enough to take on a speaking role.

Well done everyone!

Away in a Manger

Light and Dark

The children have been very busy taking part in lots of fun and exciting activities based around our topic 'Light and Dark'. They have been learning about why we have day and night and enjoyed using a globe and a torch to investigate how when the Earth spins on its axis, half the planet has daytime when it faces the sun whilst the other half has night because it it facing away from the sun. Excellent investigating!

We have also been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali and how it is celebrated around the world. The children had great fun re-enacting the legend of Rama and Sita and made some wonderful clay diya lamps. 

Finally, to support our work on nocturnal animals the children took part in an amazing nocturnal animal workshop. They were excited to have the opportunity to observe and touch some nocturnal animals from around the world: Charlotte the tarantula, Toby the tenrec, Benji the skunk and Kiwi the Burmese python.

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Our Autumn Walk

This week the children in Reception have been learning about the seasons. They went on a lovely Autumn walk along the river Slea with their Year 5 buddies and talked about the signs of Autumn. We would like to say a special thank you to Year 5 for setting such a good example to the Reception children and for supporting them so well in their learning with their questions, answers and care. Thank you Year 5! 

What a busy week!

The Reception children have been super busy this week! In PE we have been learning about balance, coordination and how to use equipment safely. To help us do this we have been using the balance bikes and the gymnastics apparatus in the big hall. The children practised negotiating space successfully and were fantastic at remembering to bend their knees when jumping off the equipment, for a safe landing.

In ICT this week we have been exploring lots of different technology including iPads and BeeBots. On the iPads the children were combining different 2D shapes to create some fantastic pictures. We then used the BeeBots and had to use the directional buttons to program the BeeBot and navigate it to a specific location. We had great fun!

Our Buddies are back!

The Reception children (and staff!) were absolutely thrilled to receive their first visit from our Year 5 buddies this week! The buddy system plays an important role in the integration of our Reception children into school life; it unites our oldest and youngest members of the school and is a very special relationship. We can't wait to see them again and we're looking forward to our next buddy activity - an autumn walk along the river. 

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

This week the children have been reading and performing 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' by Michael Rosen. They have thoroughly enjoyed working together to retell the story and have worked hard at using expression and remembering all of the actions in their performances. We hope you enjoy the videos!


We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

This week we have been on an incredibly exciting Bear Hunt in our school forest area! The children have been reading and performing 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' in class. They then explored the forest area and used their knowledge of the settings in the book to re-enact the story. We didn't find a bear, but we did find evidence of his cave! Below the photographs you will find a link to Michael Rosen telling the story - please share this at home if you can!

Our First Week at School!

Our new Reception children have had a fantastic first week at school! They enjoyed a Teddy Bears' Picnic and they have been having lots of fun exploring the school environment and getting to know their new friends. Well done to all of the children for settling in so well! 

Welcome to Reception!


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