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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

The Year 2 Teaching Team are:
Mrs Warrener (Assistant Headteacher & Year Group Leader)
Mrs Clifford

Miss Mitton

The Year 2 Support Team are:
Mrs Chapman (Teaching Assistant)

Mr Hill (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)

Miss Enderby (Apprentice Teaching Assistant) 

Year 2 children are the oldest in Key Stage 1. From that start of the year they become more independent both academically and with their organisational skills. For example, every morning they place their reading book and diary in a box in the classroom and store the rest of their belongings in their locker. They no longer use the bookmark reading system that they had in Year 1 as the majority of children have reached the level of skill where these are no longer necessary. The books are checked daily, so please record the page they read up to and if the book needs to be changed in your child's diary. 

Also in the reading diaries you will find lists of words that all Year 2 children should be able to spell. Homework books are sent out on Fridays. At the start of each half term we will provide you with an overview of the half term's tasks. These will include a topic or literacy-based task which will be a reading comprehension every other week, a maths task and a list of the Year 2 Common Exception Words or spelling pattern words that we are focusing on each week. Tasks are expected to take only 10-15 minutes.

During the summer term, your child will be taking part in statutory assessment tests in grammar, punctuation and spelling, reading and mathematics. These will take place throughout May and will be administered in a very calm and relaxed environment. Often children do not realise they are actually doing a test!

Each week the children will have two Physical Education lessons, so please ensure that their PE kits are always in school. We will send PE kits home to be washed at the end of each half term. 

At present, all children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal every day. However, if your child does not want their meal on a specific day, please log on to the Farm Kitchen website using the username and password that you have been given to opt out for that day. A vegetarian option is always available and they do not have to stick to the same days each week. They will also be given a fruit snack during their afternoon playtime every day.



Autumn Term 1 - Journey


Autumn Term 2 - London's Burning!


Spring Term 1 - India


Spring Term 2 - Spring Watch


Summer Term 1 - Secret Garden


Summer Term 2 - Location, Location, Location



We finished our topic 'London's Burning!' by recreating our own Great Fire of London!

Our Indian Experience Days

Our Trip to the Rec

On Friday 4th March, Year 2 walked to the Recreation Ground as part of their DT unit on structures as well as to enhance their writing. They studied the playground equipment as they are going to be building models of them over the coming weeks,. Whilst they were there, they also used the woodland to inspire their descriptions of the setting for Fantastic Mr Fox. They discovered lots of places where Boggis, Bunce and Bean, as well as Mr Fox and his family, could have hidden and even think we found Mr Fox's tail! We can't wait to read their writing next week!