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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


The Year 3 Teaching Team are:
Mrs Emma Weston (Year Group Leader)

Mrs Toni McMillan

Mrs Mary Purchase

Mrs Lois Oliver

Mrs Kathryn Pledger (maths group teacher)


The Year 3 Support Team are:
Mrs Jackie Gilbert (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Louise Chapman (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Donna Lau (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)

Miss Kirstie Daniels (1:1 Teaching Assistant)


Year 3 is an exciting time for our children as they bridge the gap between Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. They become more confident learners, with a greater emphasis on increasing their independence.


The children will begin to move onto the Renaissance reading scheme this year, which allows the children to choose their own reading book from an appropriate range for their ability. The main focus is on their understanding of the book read. Their teacher (or TA) will judge when they are ready to take the online ‘quiz’ which assesses their understanding. We welcome your support in encouraging the children NOT to rush ahead with their quizzes as this usually leads to disappointment when their score is low. After five successful ‘quizzes’ (85% or above) the children progress to the next stage of books.


Our curriculum is enhanced by a range of additional experiences, such as shelter building and orienteering in Sherwood Forest, The Collection (Lincoln) and an Evacuee Day.

Year Group science challenge: black out curtain materials

Ancient Egypt Museum

The Great River Nile Challenge

Well-being day

Xmas Party 2018

DT - photo frames

Mrs. Weston's clas try Norman Gingerbread!

Amazing science homework tasks

Our Big Body Challenge

M & M Theatre company perform Robin Hood to Y3

Mystery letter arrives in Y3!

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