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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to Y6 – the final chapter of primary school – a year of exciting opportunities, experiences that will be both rewarding and challenging, and an opportunity for everyone to shine. From sports to circuit building, coding to clay pots, Shakespeare to Stone Age, there is something for everyone in Year 6.


As well as supporting children to reach their academic potential, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in key roles and responsibilities within school to equip children for their transition to secondary school. In Year 6, children will be expected to work hard, but in return, they will be rewarded with many happy memories, lasting friendships, and an increased confidence to take onto their next adventure.


On this page we aim to keep you updated with the latest news and events across the year group, celebrating children's efforts and achievements. You can also find details of homework tasks - please click on the link.


 The Year Six Teaching Team are:

Mrs. Linda Francis

Mrs. Lauren Irwin

Mrs. Sian Lee - Year Group Leader


The Year 6 Support Team are :

Mrs. Debbie Savage – Teaching Assistant & PPA teacher
Mrs. Tina Quinlan - Teaching Assistant



Our topics for the year 2018-2019 will be :


Term 1- Stone Age - Iron Age

Term 2- American Trailblazers

Term 3- American Trailblazers (continued)

Term 4- Going Greek 

Term 5- Going Greek (continued)

Term 6- Onwards and Upwards!


Please check back regularly to see what we have been doing!



Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2018-19

Y6 Parent Information

Impressive topic work from Term 1

Impressive topic work from Term 1 1
Impressive topic work from Term 1 2
The children made an excellent start to Year 6 with some fantastic work on our Stone Age - Iron Age topic. 

New Year 6 hall display

New Year 6 hall display 1
The new Year 6 hall display features some amazing creative work from the children. Mrs Irwin's class focused on the Stone Age; Mrs Francis' class focused on the Bronze Age and Mrs Lee's class focused on the Iron Age. 

Hilltop Team Tasks

Hilltop, Norfolk

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