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I should have been writing the WASP but instead I was drilling ceramic poppy heads made by last year's Y6s and gluing them on to metal stems that we are going to arrange around our air raid shelter for the Heritage Open Days next week.

Our Year 6 children, who left in July, made some ceramic poppies at the Hub-Sleaford that we will fix to metal stems and 'plant' outside our air raid shelter.

Our friends in Lahore made these posters for the Climate Day in Sleaford on 4th September

Suzie did a brilliant job with the Arts Award Explore run by the @hubsleaford



Nick Smith, our sign writer, left us a bag of sticker scraps, so they used them in Year 3 to create their own Mondrian art work.







Poppy Project in Y6





In Year 5, Mrs Francis' Class learned about Lowry, his style & subjects & his very limited use of colours (Prussian blue, vermillion, yellow ochre, black and white). The children then chose from a selection of black and white photos of old Sleaford to reproduce in Lowry’s style.

Year 3 Artwork 22.10.20

Mrs Weston's class have been making owl collages. Twhooly amazing!

WW2 Mosaic. We made a special mosaic for an ugly gap in front of the new door in our air raid shelter.

Matthew H. Year 5.



Y3 are practicing collaging techniques in readiness for making their own art work in the style of Windows by Jeannie Baker which we are looking at in Literacy. These collages represent the children’s interests and personalities.

Local artist, Laura Davies, who usually works with paint, has created this sculpture in memory of our Project 72-WW1 Alvey Boys.

Rangoli Patterns in Year 4

Lockdown shields



Protest Art



This afternoon, Mrs McMillan joined us, via Teams, for an art lesson. We used pictures of ourselves in a thinking pose and then drew pictures of all of things we think about. We then stuck them above our head as if our thoughts were spilling out.




During lockdown Place2Be have launched a series of art projects for parents and teachers to do at home or school together. Each project is designed to support wellbeing whilst exploring fun and engaging themes. The latest project is aimed at year 6 children transitioning to secondary school in September. It’s called ‘River to Sea’ and uses the metaphor of sailing a boat down a river (primary school) then out into the sea (secondary school). All of the projects are free to download and they might be a useful resource for the teachers or parents at The Alvey. Place2Be will be continuing to release a new project every two weeks and hope to launch a project towards the end of the summer holidays to support children in going back to school full time.

Just follow this link…/coronav…/the-art-room-at-home/



Make a Sizzles with Guy & Mrs McMillan

Another brilliant art masterclass. Mrs McMillan, Guy, Sizzles, Banjo and Bandit make Sizzles out of paper. Can you do it too?



Finger Kitting

Mrs Preece can finger knit but can you?



Lockdown Art







Lockdown Art Masterclass with Mrs McMillan


Art Workshop Have you seen Mrs McMillan’s brilliant art masterclass? Want to learn how to draw a dog? Grab a pencil visit our Facebook page and have a go:




Home Schooling: The Sellars made some lovely stained glass windows



Home Schooling: The Starbucks try their hands at a Hockney

Year 1 Henri Rousseau inspired jungle collages

Painting Rainbows

When in Sleaford and Project 72 (Community Art Projects)

Year 3 and 4 Arty fun

European Art in Year 3

Y1 and 2 Art Club's "Winter Trees"

Coffee Collage in Year 1

Wood henge

Snowy owls at William Alvey January 2020

Greek Goddess (Athena) in Year 4

January 2020 The Northern Lights

Did you see our painted presents on the Fire Brigade Sleigh?

Crafting at the Christmas Fair

Fire Brigade Sleigh December 2019

Knitted Nativity December 2019

William Alvey Y1/2 Art Club Christmas Tree 2019…”The Night Before Christmas”, all ready to be shown at the Methodist Tree Festival at Sleaford Christmas market this weekend. Thank you to the children for their hard work. Mrs Stonestreet and Mrs Whitt

Pumpkin Carving October 2019

More from 'The Big Draw'

The Big Draw at Lincoln University 15th October 2019

Gruffalo Art

The Thames Tunnel

Printing in Year 4 (8th October 2019) with Mrs Lee.

Dragon Sculpture

The first leaves ready for Scrappy's perch (our recycled owl). We will get as many children as possible to cut out a leaf from a used drinks can and then punch on their name. We will perch Scrappy in front of the school to remind everyone about earth's finite resources.


Year 6 Art Exhibition

Skegness Beach July 2019

Reception and Year 1 Art Club have gone 'Minibeast Mad'!

The 'When in Sleaford' Town Trail is going strong today. Have you picked up a map and stickers yet?

Year 1 have been looking at Rousseau

Digital Art May 2019



Year 3 Egyptian Art

JRSOs Design Competition

Year 1 (Mrs Barclay's Class) have just built NYC

Armed Forces Day Design Competition

Year 5 Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Local Artist, Mrs Davies, taught our Y3 Art Club some 'Crazy Art'

Year 6 attempt their own Mount Rushmore

Year 3 Art Club's 'doodle pattern landscapes'

Reception Feeling Art

Landscape art

Mindful art 4.2.19

Local links NCCD

Campaign Art

Year 1 Castle Art


Year 4 Art Club's winter trees

'Scrappy'-The Recycled Owl. We have made an application to Tescos for a grant to help us make 'Scrappy'. We want to use scrap metal found in and around the Sleaford area to create a large owl sculpture The owl, a symbol of both wisdom and foresight, would demonstrate the importance of recycling our limited natural resources.

Year 2 Art Club

Year 6 Art Work Summer 2018

William Alvey Roundel

Secondary School Liaison

Remembrance Day 2018

Reindeer 2018

Royal Wedding PTA Bookmark Competition 2018


Year 6 Summer Art Project 2018

NCCD Temporary Sculpture 2018


Art Club 2018


Wire Sculptures 2018


NEON 2018

Seed Bombing (outside art)

Whole School Art Exhibition


World Book Day

The Bake Off 2018


Easter Homework

Bling your Bike

Homemade Decorations

Reredos Project 2017


The Great Fire of London 2018 (Year 2)

Pumpkin Carving Competition 2018

Hare Aware

Easter Egg Competition 2018

Hall Decorations 2018

Photography Competition 2018



Church Mural 2018

Lancaster Country (Sleaford Festival)

Year 4 Kandinsky 2017

Rousseau in Year 1

Year 1's Castletown

Art Challenge

Zygote and Flag Challenge

Santa Challenge

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