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Boston Road Rec Junior Parkrun

The Boston Road Rec Junior Parkrun has been set up by Kerry Swarbrooke (Community Sport and Health Manager) and Matt Evans ( PE and Sport Advisor/School Games Organiser) with the support of NKDC. We have also done everything we can to offer our own support.


Anyone from any school, aged 4-14, can take part in the Junior Parkrun.

Ours takes place every Sunday morning at the Boston Road Rec (Sleaford Town Council) and starts at 9.00am. It's free and you can just turn up although it is better if you register first and printout a barcode, see below.


Run, jog, walk, warm up for later in the day or warm down from Saturday.


Can Parents/Carers take part?


It's a Junior Parkrun, so Parents can take part and run alongside their child(ren) but they won't get a time. Parents don't have to run though, they can support from the side, volunteer as a Marshall (you will need a barcode for this) or watch from the Tennis Club, where they serve tea and coffee.


If you still aren't sure then you can contact the event organisers directly:


You can follow the Parkrun on Twitter:


Or you can contact the school on:

01529 302772

E-mail:   (copy and paste this into your messaging 'to').



Congratulations to Sleaford Tennis Club. Sleaford Tennis Club helped with the Boston Road Junior Parkrun most mornings, volunteering to marshall then looking after the runners & the volunteers afterwards. A well deserved award. When restrictions are lifted, you could go for a run, have a cup of tea and then play tennis.







At the fourth run on Sunday 29th December we had 57 runners.



The first ever Junior Parkrun took place on Sunday 8th December 2019 and will now take place every Sunday morning for evermore!



On Wednesday 4th December, we took a class down to the Rec for the Parkrun test event.

Matt Evans and Kerry Swarbrooke did lots of work behind the scenes setting up a junior run in Sleaford.

Initially you have to keep a planned Parkrun a secret...

Matt and Kerry had a similar idea.



On Sunday 25th November 2018, we decided to take a group to the Junior Parkrun in Newark. Matt Evans (Sport Advisor) came along with his children.

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