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Drama and Dance

The Trailer

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The Greatest Show. This is the trailer for Mrs Lee's Class (produced and directed by Mrs Irwin and Mrs Savage).

Teams Dance (lockdown 2021)





Virtual Public Speaking Competition



Reception Nativity 2020


Part 1



Part 2



Part 3





Lockdown animal poetry in Mrs Oliver's Reception Bubble

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An interview with Mrs Savage (our Dance Teacher)



Lockdown Dance Bubbles






Year 1





Following the success of the Lincolnshire School Games Virtual Event series, please find attached an opportunity to take part in the final event; Strictly Home Dancing – Primary Dance Virtual Festival. This isn’t a competition, just a chance for children to create a routine based upon some starter moves (see below) from dances throughout the decades. When the children submit their content, they can choose if they would like it to be shown on social media or not. We hope to be able to share some of the content as inspiration throughout national school sport week as we work towards 60 daily active minutes for everyone.



Poetry by Heart

Socially distanced visit from Churchill on VE Day



Lockdown Poetry


The River (Rap)





Live Savage Dance ‘The Best Time Ever’


You can watch Mrs Savage’s Dance Workshop again at: videos/975889482864005/



Baked Potato Dance

Let's Dance

Year 4 Dancing 10.3.20


Magic Carpet Theatre 5.3.20



Very proud of all the children who took part in the Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts today. They were brilliant. Thank you Parents for your support.





The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Drama links with St George's



It's a 3 part play!

Drama Club

Theatre Workshop



Are you going to join my 'Drama Club'?  We will meet every Wednesday lunchtime 12.30pm to 1.00pm in Mrs Saunders' Class.





The Reception and Year 5 Nativity Dress Rehearsal was brilliant on Friday morning; we really don't want anything to spoil it next week. I know we are a school but younger children who cry or scream in the audience really do spoil the show and I ask you either to try and find a baby-sitter or sit at the back of the hall so you can quickly move to the ‘creche’ in the entrance area should the need arise. We get the show professionally filmed so this year we won’t allow private filming (phones off-not just airplane mode). We hope this reduces the interference on our wireless microphones although there will be an opportunity to take photos at the end of the performance. Thank you for your support in this matter.





We loved 'Beauty and The Beast' tonight (6.12.19) at The Little Theatre in Sleaford. The Cast were fabulous. Our Bluey Club want to say thank you (and can we come again?) The Beast was beastly but I was most scared of Madame Foo Foo. Thank you again.


Pudsey Dance (visit our Facebook page to see the video)

In the mood...

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Year 6 at the Dance Hall in the 40's

Year 6 WWII Day

Year 4 Victorian Day November 2019

Colsterworth Festival (Drama section) Saturday 29th February 2020.


We are going to enter four classes at each of the three age groups (Year 2 and under/Year 3 and 4/Year 5 and 6):


1. Prose reading (set piece)
2. Verse recital from memory (set piece)
3. Sight reading
4. Own composition


You can see the set pieces for each age group below. Auditions to be held in the Conference Room:


Year 2 and Under Monday 30th September at 11.30am to 12.30pm
Year 3 and 4 Thursday 3rd October 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Year 5 and 6 Friday 4th October 12.30pm to 1.30pm


Please remember if you are chosen you will need a lift to and from the Festival. If you aren't chosen you can still enter yourself but you will need to pay the fee for each class. Thank you.

Story Circle

Amazing Year 6 production of 'Beauty and the Beast' (why not watch the video?)

Lots of our 'old boys' are part of the cast

Theatre Workshops

Alice in Wonderland 1924

CFPA Donation

Panto Auditions

We made it to the front cover of Sleaford Live


Our Year 6 Teachers March 2019

Dance Festival 2019

Colsterworth Festival 2019




Y5/6 Reading: 2nd Evie-Sioux Jt 3rd Bethan and Lily D

Year 2 and under Reading: 1st Jude 2nd Jenson Jt 3rd Grace and Eliza

Y3/4 Reading: 2nd Sophie Jt 3rd: William and Lily M

Y3/4 Composition: 1st Sophie Jt 3rd Sascha and Freya

Y2 and under Reading own choice: 1st Anne

Y5/6 Sight reading: 1st Lily D

Y5/6 Composition: 1st Lily S

Year 2 and under Composition: 1st Annabella

Year 3/4 Memory: 3rd Freya


School Productions

Colchester AD 61


Dance has always been part of the curriculum...

Class Assemblies


Over the course of the year each class will perform to their parents. Every child gets a chance to say something, sing or dance.



Year 2: Tuesday 16th October 2018

Reception: Nativity 3rd and 4th December 2018

Year 5: Tuesday 15th January 2019

Year 6: Tuesday 12th February 2019

Year 3: Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Year 1: Tuesday 30th April 2019

Year 4: Tuesday 14th May 2019


Drama Auditions

Colsterworth Festival Saturday 2nd March 2019 (public speaking) Auditions:


Year 2 & under 11.30am Tues 8th Jan.

Year 3 & 4 12.30pm Weds 9th Jan.

Year 5 & 6 12.30pm Thurs 10th Jan.


All auditions are being held in the music room.If you make it through the audition you will receive an invitation from school (Saturday invitation 2019 school.doc see below). If you don't make it through the auditions, parents can still complete an entrance form themselves (Entry form 2019.pdf  immediately below).

Colsterworth application form (for parents to fill in)

Colsterworth invitation (from school)

Colsterworth tips

Colsterworth directions

Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts (set prose) 2019

Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts (set poems) 2019


Mary Poppins 2018

A Wrapped Present 2018 (movement and dance)

Tinsel on a tree Christmas 2018

School DVDs



You can still obtain the DVD from the following school productions:


1. Mary Poppins (Y6)  2018

2. Annie (Y6)  2017

3. Midsummer's Night Dream (Y6)  2016

4. Robin Hood  (Y6) 2015

5. Aladdin (Y6) 2014

6. Olivia (Y6) 2013



7.  A Miracle in Town (Reception and Year 5) 2018


8. Remembrance Day Service (whole school) 2018. Free to download


If you are interested please ask at the school office.





Speakers' Corner

Visiting Theatre Groups 2018

Public Speaking 2017


Indian Dancing 2018

Year 1 Dancing 2018

Dancing at the Olympics

Cheerleading in Year 3


Play Scripts (Assemblies)



Dance Champions 2017

County Champions 2015/16/17

Dance Thanks


St George and The Dragon (2015-2017)


Year 6 Production 2015

Shakespeare 2016

Sleaford Carnival 2016

Dancing at Lincoln Castle 2017

Carre's Dance Workshops
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