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William Alvey E-safety 2019


On-line software (games, apps, social media) change almost daily. There is also a corresponding  increase in e-safety advice, which although well-intentioned can sometimes leave you more confused than you were in the first place. Please feel free to contact the school and discuss any concerns you may have regarding on-line safety. We have expertise in school and the facility to contact well respected professional e-safety advisors:

Letter to Y6 Parents

E-safety posters (Alan Mackenzie)

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E-Safety - Stay Safe On Snapchat Video

E-Safety On Snapchat - Part of the E-Safety Series - What is Snapchat and how do you keep your child safe on the platform. You can also watch this video here

Long Marston Primary School - Internet Safety

After a wonderful visit to Long Marston Primary School to talk about esafety (internet safety) the children would like to share this video with everybody.

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