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Purple Mash March to July 2020


Your teacher can set homework and additional tasks using Purple Mash which you can access at:


If we need to use this facility for any length of time we will ensure your child has the correct passwords.



In September we will offer the following remote learning


Setting work

1. Work will be set in-line with to the Oak National Academy programme
2. Using 'Teams' at 10.00am each morning our teachers will meet with their class and watch the video together, talk through any perceived problems and then sign off.

3. If any teacher is covering a class of keyworkers at that time, then they will be covered by their TA for this morning meeting.
4. The children will then complete the set work and return it to their class teacher using Seesaw before a 3.00pm

'Teams' meeting.
5. Keyworker children would be educated in school and those children without internet access at home would be classified as ‘priority children’ and invited to attend.



1. Feedback will be provided daily using Seesaw
2. All parental e-mails will be responded to within 24 hours between 8.00am and 6.00pm



1. Ensure children have an adult in the room with them.
2. Ask parents to be mindful about what is in the background if their child’s camera is on!
3. Keep their microphone on ‘mute’ until you invite an individual to speak. They can ‘raise their hand’ to signal that they would like to speak by clicking on the icon.
4.    Remember, some might be shy and won’t want to speak or appear on camera, so give them the option of just listening in without directly contributing. You can still see they are there as their initials will appear.
5.    Be patient – Not everyone’s internet speed is the same, so some connections can be poor.



If you have any problems with the above please ring the school 01529 302772 or e-mail:

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