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11+ Revision

At the start of Y6 all parents get a secondary school preference form. You are asked to put down your first three secondary school preferences. There are several different types of secondary school in the Sleaford area and they all admit children in a slightly different way.

Private Schools, like Lincoln Minister and St Hugh’s in Woodhall Spa, you have to pay to go to these and you don’t need to worry about a preference form. You pay-you go!

Grammar Schools, like Carre's (boys) and Kesteven and Sleaford High School (girls), you have to pass a test to go to these (11+) and put them down as first choice/preference. This year the first 11+ test (verbal) will be held for Year 6 children on Friday 11th September and the second test (non verbal) the Friday after on 18.9.15. In Sleaford children sit the test in their primary school. You get to find out how your child did in the test before you need to fill in the form. If you want your child to get the pass mark, you will have to practise. In September 2015 the test will be a multiple choice IQ test. As a general rule the children need to score 80% to achieve the pass mark. In the 11+ there are two tests. A verbal test (anagrams/codes/opposites) and a non verbal test (odd one out/what is the next shape? etc). However, we don’t deal in percentages, we talk about standardised scores, this is when we take the raw score, combine it with age and basically come up with a standardised IQ score (not out of 100). The children need a standardised score of 110 to pass, this is where we get the 220 pass mark from (you can actually score 100 in one test and 120 in the other and still get the pass mark). We just need to remember that give or take a mark or two, depending on age, we are looking for an overall score of 80%+.

'Letts' and 'GL Assessment' produce commercially printed practice papers, available from WHSmiths and on-line. Although they will be similar to the new test they contain a different number of questions. Please note the tests are now Multiple Choice Format NOT Standard Format anymore.

Verbal Reasoning
Pack 1 ISBN 978-0-7087-1987-9 Pack 2 ISBN 978-0-7087-2049-3

Non-Verbal Reasoning
Pack 1 ISBN 978-07087-1986-2 Pack 2 ISBN 978-0-7087-2048-6

Special Schools, like Ambergate, Fortuna and St Christopher's. You have to be allocated a place at these schools by a Lincolnshire County Council special needs review panel.

Other Schools (comprehensive-academies), like St George's (mixed), William Robertson (mixed) and Walton Girls'. These schools have different admissions systems. Sometimes getting a place depends on distance from the school, if you have a brother or sister at the school or if you have a talent that matches up with the schools' area of expertise (check current admission policies in the latest version of ‘Going to School in Lincolnshire’). In the case of some of these schools, in certain years, you also have to put them down as your first choice on the preference form if you want the chance of a place. They have enough first choice children they don’t need to admit any second choices.


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