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A Clicker, a Pouch and a Hero

Dear Mr Tapley and The Alvey Air Raid Shelter.


As time passes and we sadly lose our WW2 survivors there is no greater importance than making sure their heroism, bravery and duty to our nation is taught to our younger generation and those to come. Me and Mr Mawson are in full support in the upcoming opening of the air raid shelter and museum.


Having both spent 18years regular service between us in The British Army as a Paratrooper in The 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment and a Combat Medical Technician in The Royal Army Medical Corps, we would love nothing more than to gift three of our treasured items to your museum/shelter.


From Mr M who still continues to serve as a reservist would like to gift ‘The Acme No. 470 Clicker’ better known now as a paratrooper cricket clicker. This device was carried by the 101st Airborne Division into France on D-Day June 6th 1944. They used these to signal to one another without having to shout. If a soldier could see or hear others they would click once; if they were friendly forces, they would hear a reply of two clicks. If a return of two clicks was not heard, then that made them aware that they were enemy forces.


Myself, I would like to gift an old WW2 medical pouch/bag. This bag once carried medical supplies to help treat wounded soldiers. I would also like to loan a picture to the shelter of a soldier carrying a wounded soldier to safety. This picture reminded me of why I was doing what I was doing no matter how hard it got at times. I really hope that one day this picture too will inspire young children to follow their dreams and to never give up. I love that is shows courage, resilience and team work. Something I know as a school you work hard on.


I will have Lilly bring them into school tomorrow and I hope they bring you all joy, stories and remembrance as they have done to us.


Kind Regards

Grace and Danny Mawson

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