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On Saturday, Kayleigh held a raffle to raise money for St Barnabas. Kayleigh came up with the idea on the first anniversary of Mrs Mansfield’s death. She really struggled when she died and on her anniversary she thought about Sharron and wanted to help others who were going through the same trauma. Kayleigh arranged everything and in the end she had so many prizes she put together 10 amazing hampers. She had 29 prizes which were raffled off at 3pm yesterday at Tesco. Kayleigh and 3 other ex Alvey girls, Eden, Libby and Ruby worked their socks off selling tickets from 8am-3pm, they made a whopping total of nearly £1400. The girls are donating £1200 to St Barnabas but also wanted to add something to Tom and Maddie’s Memorial Garden with the remainder of the money they raised. Mrs Mansfield clearly touched their lives and will never be forgotten
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