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Behaviour on Teams

Guidelines for Teams Behaviour


1. Ensure children have an adult in the room with them.
2. Parents to be mindful about what is in the background if their child’s camera is on.
3. Please put microphones on ‘mute’ until you are invited to speak.  Pupils can ‘raise their hand’ to signal that they would like to speak by clicking on the icon.

4. If a pupil has experienced an incident where someone has been unkind or disrespectful to them they should immediately report it to their Teacher – ideally with a screenshot.

5. Pupils should inform an adult if they see anything online that makes them feel uncomfortable.

6. Pupils should not share or upload any content which is inappropriate or could upset pupils, staff and others.

7. Pupils should not share account passwords or use other pupils accounts.

8. Pupils should not delete or open other people’s files or documents.

9. Pupils should only join the meetings to which they have been invited.

10. Pupils should wait in the ‘lobby’ five minutes before the meeting start time. Please don’t be late joining.

11. If a lobby has not been set up, then pupils can chat but please be respectful and kind when you are waiting.

12. Pupils should concentrate like they would do in class during a meeting (getting up and down and wriggling in front of the camera can be very distracting).

13. Pupils should only use the channel and chat features as directed by their own Teacher.

14. Teaching staff will end the meeting with ‘end meeting’ rather than simply ‘leave’. This will end the meeting for everyone.


Consequences: If it is clear a child has been unkind to another child or shared inappropriate content they will be given a warning and their parents will be contacted. If their behaviour continues then they will have their access restricted and potentially removed, with work being sent home by another means.


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