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Castle Mystery

The first photo is of the ‘folly’ at the back of Oakdene but our history co-ordinator, Mrs Natalie Mason found the next photo in the archives dating back to the 1940’s.


Lots of sites suggest that it is possibly from the Castle.


“The castle began to fall into disrepair during the second half of the 16th century with the timber and lead roof being removed to be reused in buildings in the town, some of which survives to the present day. The process of decline continued under the ownership of the Carre family. In 1604 it was described as ‘the late fair castle’, suggesting it had been largely or even fully dismantled before 1600. An early 18th-century engraving of the castle shows a ruin with a considerable amount of stonework still visible”


However we can’t tell where the second photo was actually taken?


Was the arch taken down from the Castle site and rebuilt in Mr Snow’s garden as it says in the letter?  If so when?


Was it only ever a folly, never part of the Castle and is the second photo taken in what was Mr Snow’s garden?


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