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Children of Courage

Although Keira suffers from Crohns and has been in and out of hospital over the last year, she never complains or uses it as an excuse in school. That steely determination to succeed more commonly associated with elite athletes shines through Keira's everyday approach to lessons, not with an overt, 'in your face' attitude but rather a quiet perseverance and the belief that doing the right thing and dealing with people in the right way will lead to the right outcome. This was epitomised by Keira’s involvement in ‘Purple Day’ (WIBD Day). Organising the school’s own activities and co-ordinating the day across the whole of Sleaford.


After Easter Keira is about to have a major operation. She is actually having an illiostomy. I know some children just wouldn’t be able to cope with the operation or indeed the implications afterwards. Most children wouldn’t want me to even mention it. This is not Keira’s way. I am certain she would rather not have the operation but it isn’t really a choice anymore and because of this she has simply taken it in her stride. She has brought in the information books and shared them with her friends and teachers. Keira has shown us the OstoBear and laughed with us all about the illiostomy bags.


As a teacher you are in a very privileged position. You are given a chance to glimpse into the lives of hundreds of children. I think most adults could learn from Keira’s approach to life so it is perhaps not exactly true to say that she has a wisdom or maturity beyond her years because Keira has something that you don’t automatically get by simply growing older. She has a sort of inner serenity that with the help of a loving family and friends gives her the unshakeable belief that she can cope with anything that life throws at her.

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