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Colsterworth Festival Results 2019




Year 5/6: Leonie was placed 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 1st



Y5/6 Reading: 2nd Evie-Sioux Jt 3rd Bethan and Lily D

Year 2 and under Reading: 1st Jude 2nd Jenson Jt 3rd Grace and Eliza

Y3/4 Reading: 2nd Sophie Jt 3rd: William and Lily M

Y3/4 Composition: 1st Sophie Jt 3rd Sascha and Freya

Y2 and under Reading own choice: 1st Anne

Y5/6 Sight reading: 1st Lily D

Y5/6 Composition: 1st Lily S

Year 2 and under Composition: 1st Annabella

Year 3/4 Memory: 3rd Freya

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