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Colsterworth Festival Results

Y5 & 6 Reading Own Choice

1st: Jess R
2nd: Leonie B
Joint 3rd: Lily Mi and Chiara N


Y3 & 4 Reading Own Choice

2nd: Abigail G
3rd: Bethan W


Y2 & under Reading Own Choice

1st: Sophie J
Joint 2nd: Amelia B and Annabelle J
3rd: Joe M


Y5 & 6 Reading Set Piece

1st: Jess R
2nd: Joanne M
3rd: Danielle P


Y2 & under Own Composition

1st: Grace S
2nd: Amelia B
Joint 3rd: Hannah Q and Sascha N


Y3 & 4 Reading Set Piece

1st: Lilly Ma
3rd: Isabella L


Y2 & under Memory Set Piece

1st: Lily R
2nd: Sascha N
Joint 3rd: Hannah Q and Sophia W


Y3 & 4 Own Composition

1st: Lily D
2nd: Gabriele A
3rd: Abigail G


Y2 & under Memory Own Choice

1st: Sophia W

Y2 & under Reading Set Piece

1st: Sophia W
2nd: Archie C-D
Joint 3rd: Alice J and Hannah Q


Y3 & 4 Sight Reading

2nd: Lily D
Joint 3rd: Evie S-S and Gabriele A

Y2 & under Sight Reading

1st: Hannah Q

Y5 & 6 Sight Reading

Joint 1st: Lily S and Isabel L

Y3 & 4 Memory Set Piece

2nd: Bethan W
3rd: Lily D

Y5 & 6 Memory Set Piece

1st: Isabel L
2nd: Leonie B

Y5 & 6 Own Composition

1st: Jess R
2nd: Leonie B
Joint 3rd: Chiara N and Lily S














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