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COVID and Our School Return 4.1.22

We plan to return to school on Tuesday 4th January 2022 as normally as we can. We will continue with our additional hygiene and cleaning procedures, our staff will wear masks in public areas and we ask parents and carers to wear masks on the track, outside the school and within the green perimeter fencing at those busy pick up and drop off times. This is exactly the same as last term.


We hope our staffing levels remain high enough to carry on as normal but we do have plans in place to cover your child's class should any teacher have to isolate. This may mean using supply staff, using our PPA teachers, covering classes with support staff or even mixing classes; remote education would be the absolute last resort. All these strategies have been approved by the department of education. Rest assured we will try and reduce any potential disruption to your child's education to the absolute minimum.


The rules concerning self isolation and testing are a little more difficult to interpret. If you need any advice then you can ring the school or the DfE COVID helpline on 0800 046 8687.


Let's hope we have another good term and the children remain safe, secure and happy in school.

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