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Dog Request

This is one of the reasons why we are keen to keep dogs off the school premises:


My son is 8 years old and he's anaphylactic.


This means he has a potentially fatal allergy condition. He is allergic to numerous things one of which is dogs.


When he was four years old he was in a garden of a friend who has a dog, the dog was indoors and not around him. However this wasn't enough, and for the next three days we watched him struggle to breathe and almost die. It appears the dander in the garden the dog played in was enough to trigger this life threatening anaphylaxis ....


It's so tough in everyday life to get him through the day without needing medication for one allergy or another, as he gets older his school life is getting easier for him as he understands more his condition. The teaching staff are fantastic in ensuring his safety to the best of their ability, however by bringing your dog onto the school grounds you are potentially inadvertently risking his life. When we see a dog outside of school we avoid it at all costs, we move wherever we need to to get him away and keep him safe. When he's at school we would like him to feel as safe as every other child in the schools care.


Our son is amazing, he deals with so much in his life and lots of people work hard to keep him safe from harms way. So I plead with you as a parent to a parent to not bring your dog into the school, but to walk up the driveway or wait at the bottom of the ramp. So our son can make his way safely to us from his classroom at the end of his day.


Thank you

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