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February-Exciting Dates!

Do you know any other dates we should celebrate in February?


1st February, 'Music Monday' in School

2nd February, Yorkshire Pudding Day and on this day in 1141 it was the Battle of Lincoln, King Stephen was captured by forces loyal to Empress Matilda

1st-7th February, Children's Mental Health Week

3rd February, Oliver, Angus and Adam's Birthday

4th February, Minnie's Birthday

5th February, Angel and Ezekiel's Birthday plus NSPCC 'Number Day'

6th February, Reece and Sophia's Birthday

7th February, Halle and Henry's Birthday plus Charles Dicken's Birthday (Christmas Carol-best book ever)

8th February, Kinza and Poppy's Birthday

9th February, Zachary and Olivia's Birthday

10th February, Umbrella Day

11th February, Bonnie-Rae's Birthday

12th February, end of term and Darwin Day (who was related to William Alvey), plus River, Corey and Logan's Birthday, Chinese New Year (Ox) and sort of palindrome 12.2.21

13th February, Olivia B's Birthday

14th-20th February, Random Act of Kindness Week

14th February, Valentine's Day and Scarlett's Birthday

15th February, Kohen's Birthday and Nirvana Day (Buddhist Celebration)

16th February, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

17th February, Ash Wednesday plus Beth and Kaitlyn's Birthday

18th February, Battery Day (particularly in USA) but please bring your old batteries to school for recycling

19th February, Oskar's Birthday

20th February, Thomas-Jay's Birthday

21st February, International Mother Language Day, Esme and William's Birthday and sort of palindromic 21.2.21

22nd February, start of term, World Scout Day (you can still watch my knotting videos on Facebook) and Mr Jason Marriott's Birthday

23rd February, 23.2.21 or 23-2=21

24th February, Fausta's Birthday

25th February, National Chili Day

26th February, Pippa's Birthday and and Mrs Peck's 21st

27th February, Edward and Damian's Birthday

28th February, International Science Day and Blake's Birthday

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