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Grammar Schools and the 11+

Secondary School Preference Forms

At the start of Y6 all parents get a secondary school preference form. You are asked to put down your first three secondary school preferences. There are several different types of secondary school in the Sleaford area and they all admit children in a slightly different way.

If you want to go to a grammar school, like Carre's (boys) and Kesteven and Sleaford High School (girls), you have to pass a test to go to these (11+) and put them down as first choice/preference. In Sleaford children sit the test in their primary school in September. You get to find out how your child did in the test before you need to fill in the form. As a general rule the children need to score 80% to achieve the pass mark. In the 11+ there are two tests. A verbal test (anagrams/codes/opposites) and a non verbal test (odd one out/what is the next shape? etc). However, the 11+ doesn’t deal in percentages, it’s all about a standardised score, this is when the raw score is combined with a child’s age to produce a standardised IQ score (not out of 100). The children need a standardised score of 110 to pass, this is where the 220 pass mark comes from (you can actually get a standardised score of  100 in one test and 120 in the other and still get the pass mark). More simply you just need to remember that give or take a mark or two, a ‘pass’ is close to a score of 80%+.

The test is very old fashioned and the children will need to practise if they want to get 80%. It isn’t like anything the children normally do in school. We do two familiarisation tests in Year 5, nothing more so practice at home will definitely be needed. 

You can buy age appropriate practice papers that help the children prepare. These can be bought on-line and from WHSmiths.

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