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Harry Gregson Day

Harry Gregson Day Monday 27th September


HG was an art teacher at Carre’s. He was quite a character, often seen around the school wearing his hat and smoking his pipe. He was a kind man and held in high regard by all his pupils. HG started the Sleaford Civic Trust and various art groups in the town. Perhaps his most important legacy was his work ensuring Lollycocks field remained an area of natural beauty and his battle to ensure industry and agriculture didn’t drain the Slea and kill the surrounding wildlife. HG lived on Kingston Terrace and the Green outside the school is named after him. Interestingly, the ‘Gregson Green’ sign is modelled on his signature. Born 1925 and died 1995.


Harriott Brand and Kate will be holding some 'Cowslip' printing workshops in the school on Monday morning and Mark Bamford from Sleaford museum, will be telling us a little more about Harry in two special assemblies

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