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We know that the holidays can be a stressful time for families, and sometimes adult relationships can become strained. Most parents, whether together or apart, find it difficult at times to minimise the impact on children when there are arguments or tense relationships. There are people and resources that can help, and we want all families in Lincolnshire to know about them.


Lincolnshire County Council are working with the National charity OnePlusOne so that parents, carers, and the professionals that work with them can have access to online advice, support and information.


Some of the resources that are available are:

• See it differently – a website designed to help parents recognise the impact of conflict on children and offer advice on how to do things differently.

• ‘Just the One?’ is for pregnant people and their partners. It helps couples understand why it’s important to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, and how they can manage stress in other ways. They will learn coping and communication skills to help them deal with stressful situations, through an engaging mix of videos, animations, and interviews from parents who have experienced similar challenges.


Find out more here -


The following are short mini courses that you and your partner could access together to help you work through communication difficulties, these can all be accessed easily yourselves by clicking on this link - you will need to register on the site to use it but its totally free once you’ve done this. If you feel you need some help to work through any of these courses, any professional you have a trusting relationship with could help you.


• Me, You and Baby Too – Helping new and expectant parents cope with changes to their relationship when they become parents, and learn how to cope with stress and conflict constructively.

• Arguing better – raising awareness of the impact that parental conflict can have on children, and helping parents develop better ways of managing stress and arguments.

• Getting it Right for Children - supporting separated or separating parents and helping them to avoid the harmful situation of their children getting caught up in the middle of their conflict.

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