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Hooray for Monday 8th March!

We're looking forward to seeing all the children back in school on Monday 8th March. More details next week but start times:


KS2 8.40-8.50am (Year 6 in through class doors, 5 up track, 4 through car park barrier and 3 front green gate)

KS1 and Reception 8.50am (Year 2 and Reception up and down the track, Year 1 in front green gate and then out down track)


End of day

Reception and Year 2 3.10 (parents up and down track)

Year 1 3.15 (parents in front gate-out track)

Year 3 3.20 (out front green gate)

Year 4 3.25 (out car park barrier)

Year 5 3.25 (out track)

Year 6 3.25+ (out class doors)

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