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Mr Bob Snowden

Mr Bob Snowden- A true Gentleman

Bob Snowden, attended the William Alvey during the second world war. In 1946, he was a witness to a tragic accident involving one of his classmates, Brian Fowler. Understandably, it has had an impact on his life. Mr Snowden recently got in touch with the school and is now in a position to make a very generous contribution towards the cost of a lasting memorial, not just to his classmate Brian but another child at the Alvey who he remembers, Alan Musson, who also died in an accident on the way home from school in 1945. Mr Snowden has been studying the history of the Alvey and heard about Tom and Maddie’s Garden. He has asked if we would consider a memorial bench and a book of remembrance, for Brian and Alan and he wanted to include  all children and staff who have sadly passed away whilst attending the Alvey. Mr Snowden is now living in Devon but he is clearly a true gentleman and we are proud to say he is one of our own.


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