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Mrs Clifford's Virtual Tours

Here are eleven very different virtual trips for you to try. Please return your reviews (you can download the review form from the gallery) to school and the top four virtually visited places will feature on our Alvey Tours display board along with our top reviewer’s names that month.


1, Bright farms virtual field trip. See an indoor farm and take a quiz at the end. 11 minutes 12 seconds.


2, San Diego Zoo. Explore at your leisure. Live web cam footage of 13 amazing animals.


3, M and M factory tour. Click the screen to explore a 360 view.

How M&Ms Are Made: Exclusive 360° Candy Factory Tour | Food Network1 minute and 25 seconds.


4, See all the personalities at the lego mini figure factory. How are LEGO Mini figures Made? | LEGO Factory Behind The Scenes

3mins 33 seconds


5, Take a virtual tour of the Amazon Rain forest with a tour guide. Virtual Field Trip - Amazon Rainforest

 9 minutes and 13 seconds.


6, Enjoy the sights and activities at a pumpkin farm. Virtual Pumpkin Patch Field Trip - Kids Halloween Video Ferrari Farms

 6 minutes and 37 seconds.


7, Too short for the rides? Scream with the twists in front of your TV with this rickety roller coaster! 4K AWESOME Twister Roller Coaster Front Seat POV Knoebels Amusement Park. 2minutes 51 seconds.


8, An out of this world 360 trip to the edge of space. Journey To The Edge Of Space (360 Video).5 minutes 17 seconds.


9, A breathtaking 360 experience of Victoria Falls. 360° Victoria Falls – The Devil's Pool | National Geographic. 1 minute 48 seconds.


10, Join the children’s virtual choir. ‘What a wonderful world’ What A Wonderful World - VOENA - The Cutest Virtual Choir Ever!

 2 minutes and 21 seconds.


11, Enjoy the exhibits at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in your own time.

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