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Miss Wilson and Jessie at the Alvey in 1924

We have just been sent this photo from Val Curtis. It comes from a series taken at the Alvey in 1924. We have three in the series so this is the fourth we have found, there must be at least 4 more.


Val told me that on the back of the photo it says Miss Edith Annie Wilson (1924). She was a member of staff at the school over this time.


Val's mother was born in 1915 and her name was Jessie Bennett. She is on the front row, third right, in the dress with the white collar. She was one of 10 children and lived at Boiling Wells Farm, so she expects her brothers and sisters went to the school also. Val remembers her saying a 3 mile walk in to school and 3 miles home, and that was done all year in all weathers. She remembers her speaking very highly of Miss Beavis. A current day role model for us all.



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