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Parking at School

I appreciate it is difficult to park outside the school at the start and the end of the day and we continue to look for solutions to help with this problem.


  • We have just appointed a number of junior police cadets to help highlight the issue.
  • One of our Dad's has managed to get hold of some 'Be Considerate' parking posters which we plan to display outside the front gates.
  • The Road Safety Partnership are about to appoint a new crossing lady/man.
  • We ask Parents to consider parking in the NCCD car park which is free and then walk the short distance to school.
  • In our weekly newsletter we regularly ask all Parents to leave the cycle path unobstructed.
  • We work as closely as we can with the parking enforcement officers.


We know this is not enough and we are always looking for new ideas and initiatives to lessen this problem. However we rely on the common sense and patience of all road users to ensure the safety of our children at the start and the end of the school day. We all know it is going to be busy at these times so we need to take extra care, add a few minutes onto our journey time and be patient. Thank you.

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