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Public Speaking (Hints and Tips)

Colsterworth Festival Public Performance


1. Reading (prose). This is when you have the piece of writing, generally a descriptive part of a story and you simply have to read it out to the audience. Please note that in this category you have to read the piece of writing, ideally with frequent looks up to the audience, even if you know it off by heart. It is not a recital. Some judges like you to hold the book but first time round, I would laminate the reading or back it on card.


2. Memory (verse/recital). This is when you learn the piece and recite it to the audience from memory. You don’t have the reading with you! It is important you get to the point where you can think about the expression rather than just remembering the words.



Make sure you know the category of public speaking and rehearse your piece

Get hands in position, stand still and don’t fiddle

Pause, look up and smile before you start

Read out loud, the title and the author of the piece you are reading

Read/speak loudly and slowly. Pause at the appropriate places

Use your lips to enunciate the words

Use as much expression in your voice as you can...this is the clincher

The judges like a little bodily expression and a few hand gestures but don't overdo it!

Even if you aren't enjoying it, you have to make the audience feel that you

Do not move your feet until you have finished reading

The three Ps of Public Speaking:

PROJECTION (loud) PAUSE (dramatic impact) PACE (slowly)

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