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We love reading at William Alvey. You can, of course, sit and simply enjoy reading with your child. This is perhaps the most valuable thing you can do to help with your child’s education. However, you might want to ask questions about the book that they are reading.


"Bookman zoomed through the door, flew around the hall and landed on top of the pile of books."


You can ask questions at two basic levels. Firstly, at a literal level:


Where did Bookman land?


The answers to these type of questions are in the story or text.


You can also ask questions that require both inference and deduction. These require a slightly higher level of thinking skills and sometimes rely on the children making links with previous stories they have read:


What do you think Bookman was doing in the hall?


Why did the author use the word ‘zoomed’ to describe how Bookman moved?

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