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Our Remote Learning (Reception varies slightly)


Our Teachers meet with the children every morning on Teams and go over the day's work. The children send their completed work to their teacher, the work is marked and then sent back to the children using Seesaw. If there are any corrections or misconceptions, we often ask the children to have another go and send it back to their teacher again. Most of the time this work involves specific links to lessons on Oak Academy. However, we are now trying certain live lessons, perhaps a spelling test or sharing a story involving both the home and school learners together. Where there are gaps in Oak Academy, some of our teachers are also recording their own lessons and sharing these with the children. We will only do this when it is useful and has a definite purpose, otherwise we will be sticking to the Oak Academy lessons. Please remember the children in school are doing the same lessons as the children at home and these lessons follow our existing curriculum plan that we would be following normally BC (before COVID).


Over the course of the week we will invite certain groups of children to join in additional Teams meetings if they need a little extra support with their work. We will also be organising different 'workshops', story sessions, magic shows and demonstrations on the website, Facebook and through Teams.  I post lots of photos on our social media, please remember these are generally the lovely, happy, home learning photos. We know from experience that it is not always like this, there are days when things go well but there are also days when the children lack motivation and are less keen to complete their work. Keep at it!


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