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Reopening guidance


The Government will make the final decision but at the moment we are planning to reopen on Monday 1st June for all Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children and continue our provision for the children of Key workers and vulnerable children. We have planned comprehensive systems to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. I am happy that we can meet all DfE guidance. Our latest risk assessment and precautions are on the website under ‘Key information’. It addresses all aspects of the school day and includes:

Entry and exit control measures at the start and the end of the day
Movement round the school
Hygiene and hand washing
Cleaning protocols
Classroom organisation (15 children per room maximum)
Break and lunchtimes
Illness and PPE
Staffing levels


We will send you specific guidelines and class groupings during the half term week, once our opening has definitely been confirmed by the Government. Please remember that in the end it will be your choice whether you send your child to school or not, nothing negative will happen in terms of non-attendance.

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