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School Targets January to April 22

Our 21-22 School Targets (on one side of A4-taken from our School Development Plan Spring 21-22)


COVID safe

Monitor impact of new curriculum including link to values and environment

Maintain 85% to 90% at or above national average in all subject areas

Maths refresh ‘Maths No Problem’

Continue to implement ‘Talk for Reading’ (reading focus)

‘Apple classroom’ as a must have resource (faster broadband)

Raise attendance to 97%


Community projects:

Air raid shelter (Heritage Days)

William Alvey Roundel (Lloyds Bank)

Willian Wilberforce (Mark Bamford and Harriot Brand)

The Hub (Clare Edwards)

Lahore (Garrison School, Naurin Fatima)

LEAD (Equate)

Community Hub: Dance/Taekwon-Do/Parkrun/Northgate Olympic (football)/Sleaford Striders


Look at ways of encouraging pupil and parent voice

Reintroduce school council

Use Seesaw and videos to develop parental engagement

More closely link staff training (CPD) to national initiatives, performance management and school priorities

Focus on peer on peer abuse (awareness/identification/training)

Race awareness training

Address all issues in our recent H&S inspection

Develop secondary school liaison

Raise profile of Church status

Reconsider stand-alone academy status


Building works:

Mobile development

Library development

Redevelop EYFS outside area


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