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Crime Scene investigations in the school hall: On Wednesday, the Year 3, 4 and 6 children who have been taking part in the CSI workshops had their final session where they became real scene of crime officers.


Summer in Y4 said: “We were given our own ‘soco’ suits, gloves, masks and overshoes so that fibres from what we were wearing didn’t drop off onto the crime scene so we wouldn’t be suspects.  There were some mats with ‘blood’ and hair and we had to put them on the swabs. We took fingerprints and then put all our evidence in a bag otherwise the evidence would be ruined. We looked at all the evidence and identified the murderer. The club has been a really good experience and we now know that if you commit crimes you will be found out easily!”


Year 5, who are currently on their residential, will have their last session next Wednesday in the school hall, and this will finish at the later time of 5pm.



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