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Welcome to a new weekly feature of the WASP, where we celebrate the exciting science learning happening across the school and raise the profile of this fascinating subject. We will also be aiming to answer those probing scientific questions raised by enquiring Alvey minds. A new Science Squad, made up of Year 6 scientists, is ready and waiting to help you investigate, test, research - and hopefully answer - those tricky questions, whether they’ve arisen linked to something you’ve been doing in class or just something you’ve been wondering about on your way to school.


Don’t forget, all the major developments in science came about because people asked questions – cures have been found for illnesses, planets have been discovered and rockets have taken people into space. Just think, through encouraging scientific enquiry we could be nurturing a future astronaut – in years to come, we could be celebrating a former Alvey girl or boy as they prepare to travel to the International Space Station, just like Major Tim Peak!


This week’s question: What is the name of Tim Peak’s Primary School? Answers to Mrs Francis by next Thursday, 14th January 2016.


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