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Spot Scams! Stop Scams!

You are cordially invited by the Citizens Advice to come and take part in a short presentation about Scamming. On Thursday 16th July 6 till 7pm at William Alvey (Disco Doors). July  is Scams Awareness month and the Citizens Advice is running a campaign:


Spot Scams-Stop Scams!


Have you been caught out or targeted by scammers, or know someone who has? Your answer is most likely ‘yes’.  Scams are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and more difficult to identify, with millions of people each year in the UK falling prey to them.  It is estimated that the total cost to consumers of mass-marketed scams could be as much as £5 billion.


Come and find out how to spot a scam and what to do if you have been caught out. If you are worried about parents/grandparents falling for scams this will be useful - why not bring them along too?


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