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St Denys' Colouring Competition

The St Denys' Colouring Competition


Six pictures for years One to Six

Theme : Lincolnshire countryside, seaside and gardens.


Year One: At the seaside with a gull eying up a crab, There are seals in the sea and children on the beach.


Year Two: An autumn picture of birds in a garden eating sunflower seeds from sunflower heads. But on the fence are two cats hunting.


Year Three: A Lincolnshire Summer seaside; with birds, mammals, shells, flowers, insects. Watch out hare as there is a fox with his eye on you.


Year Four: A rainy garden pond; amphibians, mammals, birds, insects. It is a rainy day in a summer garden. There is a newt after the tadpoles.


Year Five: A woodland scene with children at play; woodland animals and a woodpecker in the trees. But a grass snake has his eye on a toad.


Year Six A hedgerow evening scene with scope for a sunset in the sky and muted tones. There is an owl flying over and the small mammals should take care. The judges will be looking for a sensitive interpretation. There is room for a lot of details and maybe reflected moonlight, as well as clever use of mixed brown, greys, and purples.


The judges will look to see a complete picture with everything coloured in and seasonal elements shown in the use of colour. There are a lot of hidden animals, birds, and insects. In each picture the judges are looking to see them coloured in. Thank you.


All entries to be completed by the end of November and then when we have judged them return the pictures and prizes before December. We may be able to display the winners in Church over a Sunday depending upon what Covid restrictions are in place in the autumn in Church. But your school will be informed if that happens, and each school will see a print-out of all the winners and highly commended entries for each year.

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