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Thursday 3rd September 2020

We are planning to open for all children on Thursday 3rd September.


Our new Reception children will have a two week staggered start. I know it will be difficult for these families initially and it isn't something we have done for several years. Circumstances have meant we haven't been able to meet the new Reception children or been able to visit pre-schools, so we want to make sure we have everything in place to ensure the safety of the children and that everyone can manage our COVID routines before going full-time.We would really like it if the children wear their school uniform. Please don't worry about book bags; we will give you the first one free of charge and if you can't pick it up before the start of term (we are open most days over the holiday) and you feel you need one on the first day, just use a carrier bag.


Our job is to look after your children, we are really good at it! If your child is sad, hasn't got a coat, loses their book bag, needs the toilet, forgets to say goodbye or drops their water bottle we can deal with it. Please do not worry. We are in better position than most schools in the sense that we had to organise 250 children in school under COVID restrictions before the holiday, so we really do know what works.


School will start for all other year groups (1/2/3/4/5/6) as normal as we can make it on Thursday 3rd September. You can find out more about or COVID-19 precautions and our entrance and pick up arrangements at:



Please ring or e-mail if you have any worries or concerns.


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