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Updated risk assessment


Dear Parents/Carers


Re: COVID-19 update


Bearing in mind that we are now in Tier 4, I think it would be a very sensible precaution to wear a face covering not just inside the green perimeter fencing but at the front of the school between the track entrance and car park barrier. This is the busiest area of the school at the start and the end of the day and will help to reduce the potential spread of the virus.


We are now asking all our staff to wear visors inside the building if they can. Although lots of staff have chosen to do this already it might just be worth mentioning it to your children. Our staff will continue to wear a face mask at the handover points at the start and the end of the day. If you do catch a member of staff at pick up/drop off time it should now mean that all parties are wearing a face covering.


I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.


Kind regards

Stephen Tapley

Head Teacher.

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