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Click here and vote for our Eastgate Traffic Easing Sustainability Project:


Fed up queuing on Eastgate mornings and afternoons? Tired of cars parking on the cycle track?


The traffic on the roads, cycle and pedestrian paths on Eastgate at school pick up and drop off times is very congested making the movement of all travellers to and from the school, and in and out of Sleaford very difficult. Congestion increases vehicle fuel use and emissions, and reduces air quality. The School has tried lots of schemes to reduce the traffic congestion. Some of the schemes have been more successful than others…

We propose parents drop off children at 8.30 am in the NCCD car park. The children are met by a member of school staff who starts walking with children at 8.40 am ready for school at 8.45 am.



  • Less cars on Eastgate, free flowing traffic; cars, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Lower traffic emissions towards the Low Carbon NK Plan 20% by 2020 target 
  • Encouraging efficient driving habits, along with healthier lower emissions options e.g. walking and cycling
  • The whole of Sleaford benefits!


We are applying for £500 to help us trial the scheme for 10 weeks and we will continue to fund it if it proves a success.

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