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William Alvey Corona update

Dear Parents/Carers


Corona update from William Alvey


We are following the advice from the NHS, the Department of Education and Public Health England. At the moment their advice is to stay open but it may well be that they decide to close schools for a period of time. We will let you know if this is the case. In the meantime we will make some operational adjustments in school, no school assemblies and the postponement of certain meetings, like Parents' Evenings.


With this in mind, we are preparing a work pack for every child and we will send these packs home on Friday 20th March. Please keep them at home. You will not need to use them unless we actually close.


We will continue to post challenges, activities and competitions on our Twitter and Facebook site as well as on the school website. These are just for fun and might keep the children occupied for a few minutes whether we close or not.


If we do ever close, we will use all communication tools available to stay in touch.


Thank you for your patience.


Mr. Tapley
Head Teacher.

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