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WWII Memorial

Several years ago we matched up the names of 72 children who attended William Alvey with soldiers who went on to fight then tragically die in WWI. This became known as Project 72 and David Mackie (famous artist) made a bronze memorial at the front of the school and we replaced the ‘missing’ scroll in St Denys' Church.


We are now doing the same with soldiers who unfortunately died in WWII. I have attached a list of the soldiers from Sleaford who died in battle (1939-1945), I hope it's complete but please contact the school if you know more; we have already found several names in our old school registers. Yvonne Hubbard and our Year 6 children, who are studying WWII next year, are going to check all the names to see if we can match any more soldiers.


We have notes on the men that we know attended the school already and they are fascinating. When we have completed the list, in the same way we did for Project 72, we will think about a suitable, permanent memorial for all our WWII war dead.

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