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Year 1 on Tuesday

School starts for Year 1 children on Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you but things will be a little different. Drop off-time will be 9.15-9.30am and pick up time will be 3.00-3.15pm. It is really important that you stick to the time slot. The children have been split into groups of 15. If you are in one of the following groups:


Miss Mitton

Mrs Barclay

Mrs Casizzi

Mrs Stonestreet 


Please enter the school up the ramp and through the green gate as normal. Follow the one way system to your child’s Classteacher (they will be standing at the door). Please keep left to drop off and right to ‘overtake’. Once you have dropped off your child please continue to follow the one way system out of school.


If you are in one of the following groups:


Mrs Warrener

Mrs Clifford


Please enter the school through the car park entrance (barrier will be up), follow the arrows up the steps towards the 'Disco Doors' and drop off your child with their new Year 2 teacher. Please follow the one way system back out through the car park. At home time it will be the same procedure. Thank you.


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