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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Year One is a very exciting place to be!

We ask questions, we investigate, we predict and enquire and we learn.

Year One is an important year as the children begin working towards the National Curriculum. Please look at the links and photographs below to see the exciting activities we have planned for the children this year.




Mrs Barclay (Year One Team Leader)

Mrs Stonestreet

Mrs Casizzi


Mrs Huesken (Specialist MusicTeacher)

Mrs Savage (Specialist Dance Teacher)

Mrs Botham (Specialist RE Teacher)

Mrs Fuller (Specialist French Teacher)


Mrs Taylor (Pastoral Manager)


Support Staff

Mrs Herd (TA)

Miss Luszcz (TA)

Mrs Garfoot (TA)

Mrs Kennard (1:1)

Mrs Sparks (1:1)




Our Topics


Term One ~ There's No Such Thing As A ...

Term Two ~ Land Ahoy!

Term Three ~ Castles and Dragons

Term Four ~ Me on the Map

Term Five ~ Rumble in the Jungle

Term Six ~ Potty about Plants!


Year 1 Henri Rousseau inspired jungles

The Year 1 Gallery of Amazing Work from Home!

The Twits Part 8 - May 22nd 2020

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The Twits Part 7 May 1st

The Twits Are Turned Upside Down

The Twits Part 6

The Ravens Swoop Over

The Twits Part 5 7th April

The Furniture Goes Up

The Twits Part 4 2nd April

The Carpet Goes on the Ceiling

The Twits Part 3

The Twits - The Great Glue Painting Begins

The Twits Part 2

Muggle-Wump Has an Idea

The Twits Part 1

Still image for this video
Mr and Mrs Twit Go Off to Buy Guns

We built New York and Sleaford from cardboard boxes to see how the height of the buildings affects the amount of sunshine seen on the streets!

'Christmas' Chris came in to our Music lessons to sing and play for us!

Still image for this video

Read Blake's fantastic piece of descriptive writing:

Mrs Stonestreet's class visited the library on Friday and had a great time reading, sharing and listening to stories.

Maths...No Problem!


Retelling The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We hosted our very own Medieval banquet with our Y6 buddies and entertained them with our singing and dancing.

Catching Snowflakes!

Making shields

Mrs Stonestreet's class's amazing castles! Well done children and thank you parents for your help.

We used 2D shapes to create repeating patterns

We made a Motte and Bailey castle as a class

Reading with our Buddies!

We made pirate ships using our knowledge of materials. They had to be waterproof and they had to float. We were all successful and were very proud of our finished boats!

Watch out...the pirates are coming!

We made Gruffalo picture books in ICT

Making wind socks and rain gauges was lots of fun!

Meeting Martha and Hilda, our school guinea pigs...

Making our very own bird feeders!

We had great fun investigating bird feeders and bird food...

We became 'Masterchefs' this week. Our flapjack was delicious!

We went in search of the Gruffalo at The Kinema in the Woods!

We used our senses to describe a forest setting...

There's no such thing as a Gruffalo!

Year One 2018-19

Mr Barnatt came in to talk to us about farming in Lincolnshire. We learnt lots about where our food comes from, and were even given a free cap at the end. Thank you Mr Barnatt!

Sports' Day was so much fun! We all tried our best and our Y6 Buddies were amazing helpers. Thank you parents for all your encouragement too!

"There's a Rumble in the Jungle"...we performed the poem and used actions and voices for the different animals!

We made some fabulous collages in the style of famous French artist Henri Rousseau. Can you spot the hidden animals?

Wonderful Wildlife at Woodside!

Ex pupil and teacher Mrs Marriott paid a visit to Year 1 this afternoon to answer our questions about what school was like in the past. The children asked some brilliant questions and we learnt lots!

How busy is the road outside our school? We had fun counting the traffic this afternoon!

We became proper scientists to find out which material would be the best to keep Mrs Stonestreet's cup of coffee warm for the longest.

We are loving reading with our 'big buddies' on a Thursday. Thank you Year 6!

We had fun travelling round Sleaford on the bus!

Making Medieval shields

Healthy Minds Day - we relaxed with yoga and meditation, listened to music with our Year 6 Buddies and became more mindful!

'Pet therapy' at Guinea Pig Club

Which materials are waterproof?

Thank you parents for all your help with the amazing castle homework. Here are just a selection of the children's wonderful creations!

Working hard at Guinea Pig Club!

We worked as a class to create Motte and Bailey castles - they were amazing!

Christmas Jumper Fun

Meeting our new class pets, Hilda and Betty!

PIrate role-play...

Pirate dance!

We had lots of swashbuckling piratey fun on our Pirate Day!

Amazing homework and cool colouring!

We made 'bird flapjack' using all the ingredients we know the birds like to eat. The melted lard smelt awful but we're sure the birds will love it!

We learnt how to use a hacksaw safely and were very proud of our finished bird feeders. We can't wait to hang them up in our gardens!

Investigating bird feeders and bird food was messy but great fun!

We had great fun measuring out the ingredients and making flapjack in our teams. The best bit was tasting it at the end!

Year 1 Art Club made leafy stained glass windows. We now need the sun to shine through them!

Art Club made this cute 'parliament' of owls. Aren't they amazing?

Making number bonds in Maths

Trip to the Kinema in the Woods in Woodhall Spa

We watched the Gruffalo inside the Kinema.
We built our own bug hotels in the woods...
We hunted for bugs!
We measured trees!
We hunted for the Gruffalo...and found a few!
Identifying leaves was tricky!
Exploring the woods...
Looking for the troll!
We even got to watch The Gruffalo's Child!

We created 'Nature Art' using things we found on the forest floor...

Year 1 Art Club made their very own works of art from nature. What do you think of their Autumnal creations?

We used our senses to imagine we were in a forest...

We started our time in Year One by learning the story of The Gruffalo.

We made up actions to help us remember the words, and tried to use our very best 'storyteller' voices!

"There's no such thing as a Gruffalo!"

To see what fun we had in Year One last year, and to learn more about the topics and visits we have planned for the children, please look at the photos and videos below:

Marvellous Mass!

We learnt about the importance of plants and farming in Lincolnshire from a real farmer. Thank you Mr Barnatt!

Printing with natural objects was so much fun!

We learnt all about seed dispersal

Sports Day!

We are 'Potty About Plants!' Look at our fantastic homework...

Learning to print like the artist and designer William Morris...

Learning about capacity cooled us down on a hot day!

We learnt what the different parts of a plant do, using actions to help us remember.

We had great fun examining the different parts of a plant using magnifying glasses.

Our very own Henri Rousseau..."Sunset Surprise"

Look at our collaborative collages inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau! Can you find the hidden animals?

Can you name all of the amazing animals we saw at the Wildlife Park?

Our Amazing Day at Woodside Wildlife Park

What is inside the Feely Tubs?

We are loving the Endangered Animal themed homework coming in so far this week! Well done children and thank you parents. Yum!

We got messy making seed 'bombs'...

We met a dinosaur!

We have been learning to share into equal groups...

Does our sense of smell affect our sense of taste? We had fun trying to guess the different flavours of crisps in this week's Science experiment!

There was a 'Rumble in the Jungle' this week with some great performance poetry to kick-start our new topic!

The Gazelle by Madison and Jessica.mp4

Still image for this video
The Gazelle

The Lion by Louis, William and Malcolm.mp4

Still image for this video
The Lion by Louis, William and Malcolm

The Leopard by Annabelle, Chloe and Josephine.mp4

Still image for this video
The Leopard by Annabelle, Chloe and Josephine

The Chimpanzee.mp4

Still image for this video
The Chimpanzee

The Elephant.mp4

Still image for this video
The Elephant

Local historian, 'ex' pupil and teacher, Mrs Marriott came in to be interviewed by the Year Ones today. The children asked some fantastic questions and found out lots about our school in the past. Thank you Mrs Marriott!

Two of our proud Tri-Golfers representing the school for the very first time on Sport Relief Day! They had a super time and looked very smart. Well done!

A fun day out exploring St Denys' Church. Thank you Father Philip, Mrs Risdell and all our Parent/Grandparent helpers!

World Book Day dressing up fun...and reading with our big buddies!

How busy is the road outside our school?

Bus Trip Around Sleaford

Year One looked fantastic in their costumes for Medieval Day! We had lots of fun dancing, sword fighting, singing and being minstrels. The highlight was our Banquet with our Y6 buddies, where we ate, drank and entertained, medieval style!

Our Medieval dance for our buddies

Still image for this video

Our Medieval dancers entertained the guests at our banquet at Lincoln Castle.

Still image for this video

Our Trip to Lincoln Castle was "the best day ever!"

We are making shields in our DT work this week.

We made Castle Town!

In Science, we carried out an experiment to find out which materials are waterproof. We had to make sure it was a fair test!

Year One are making some fantastic castle models as part of their homework. We are looking forward to seeing more arriving at school over the next few days. Thank you parents for all your hard work too!

The children really enjoy practising their reading skills in the mornings. Here are some of us working on Big Cat Phonics with Mrs Wall.

We worked as a class to make a Motte and Bailey Castle!

Learning about Apostrophes

Meeting Muffin, the famous guinea pig!

Christmas Party Time

We made boats for Pirate Patch to sail around Water Tray Island. Our boats were successful as they floated and the sail helped them to move.

Remembrance Day animation...

We had great fun dressing up as scary pirates for PIrate Day, to launch our new topic in Term 2.

Investigating Birdfeeders...

Making flapjacks was great fun and very tasty!

To end our Weather Topic, we made wind socks and rain gauges. We had lots of fun trying them out!

We love our new playground equipment!

Our visit to the Kinema in the Woods was amazing! We hunted for Gruffalos and made our own leaf art and bug hotels in the woods.

Using our senses for descriptive writing...

We could feel cold, freezing water splashing...
We could feel spiky conker shells...
Crunchy leaves and rough bark...
Smooth, bumpy pine cones.
We could hear birds whistling and pecking loudly.
We could see dragonflies dancing in the air!
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