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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to Y6! The final chapter of primary school is a year of exciting opportunities. The children will enjoy experiences that are rewarding and challenging so that everyone can shine. It will certainly be a year they won't forget. We have diverse topics (including Stone Age - Iron  Age, American Trailblazers and WW2) with a range of engaging lessons. They have the opportunity to go on a residential trip and the year will end with lots of exciting projects.


As well as supporting children to reach their academic potential, the children will gain more independence, for example, each child will have their own iPad in school. They are also given many additional responsibilities around the school to help ensure the children are ready for their transition to secondary school. In the final term we will explore many themes to aid their confidence heading to a new school.


The children will be expected to work hard, but in return, they will be rewarded with many happy memories, lasting friendships, and an increased confidence to take on their next adventure. 


The Year Six Teaching Team are:

Mrs. S Lee (Year Group Leader)

Mrs. L Irwin (Literacy Co-ordinator)

Mrs. N Mason (History Co-ordinator)

Mrs. M Swain

Mrs. L Browning (Deputy Head & Maths teacher)


The Year 6 Support Team are :

Mrs. D Savage (Teaching Assistant & PPA teacher)
Mrs. E Fleming (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs. A Papworth (1:1)

Ms. C Fletcher (1:1)
Ms. J Siyyer (1:1)

Mrs. B Pearce


Our topics for the year 2021-2022 will be :

Term 1- Stone Age - Iron Age (history focus)

Term 2- Stone Age - Iron Age (geography focus) 

Term 2- We'll Meet Again (WWII)

Term 3- We'll Meet Again (continued)

Term 5- American Trailblazers

Term 6- Onwards and Upwards! (continued)


Please check back regularly to see what we have been up to!

Hilltop 2022 information

Term 2 in Year 6


This term, Year 6 have been continuing to learn about the Stone Age-Iron Age, with a focus on a local geography. The children have written some fantastic Iron Age stories too. Just check out some of the photos below...

Celebration assembly and Christmas party

The standard of work this term has been outstanding, so it was important we recognised this in our final assembly. We celebrated the best work from the term and drew our Dojo Champion and Reading Raffles. Following this, the chn enjoyed our Christmas party with lots of dancing and games. 

Geography - local Stone Age - Iron Age

In geography, we have been learning why the Iron Age people settled here and why Sleaford was so significant during these times. As part of this, Mr Bamford from Sleaford Museum came to tell us all about the Iron Age people. He then returned to help us with our geography field work. The children did two separate studies of the river Slea: the first was to sketch and observe the physical features; the second was to measure the velocity of the river at different depths.

The children then collated all of their work using diagrams and graphs to display their findings. They also drew their own maps. 
During one of our expeditions, we found a fish and decided to learn more about its species, linking our geography to our science topic. We observed its characteristics and the children had the option to see its digestive system and linked how it is similar to ours. We have also learned that the conditions in the river Slea are poor for fish at the moment and we have written to the environment agency to take action! 

Our buddies

Year 6 were so happy to be paired up with their Y1 buddies this term. It was clearly something so important to them and a responsibility the children have taken very seriously. It has been a pleasure to see the Y6 children supporting their Year 1 friends with reading. They have even been writing in their reading diaries. We finished the term by making Christmas decorations with our buddies. 

Term 1

Year 6 really started with a bang as we transported the children back in time. The Stone Age-Iron Age topic has immersed the children in prehistory with lots of hands-on learning and of course, our Flag Fen trip. Please see what we have been up to below. 

Year 6 travelled back into the Bronze Age at Flag Fen. They handled real-artefacts and had to date them in the correct pre-historic age; they made a clay pot and decorated it using Bronze Age techniques and they had a tour around the site, imagining what life would have been like thousands of years ago. The day ended with an enthralling mythical tale, told in the Roundhouse with a campfire to set the scene. 

The trip really compounded what the children have learnt in the classroom. They also used their experience to write a recount during our English lessons. 

History - Stone Age-Iron Age

As well as our brilliant trip to Flag Fen, Year 6 enjoyed learning about Stone Age-Iron Age at school. At the start of the topic they categorised different artefacts to see what knowledge they already had. They also learnt about the advancements of each age in terms of materials, tools, weapons and settlements. Mr Bamford from Sleaford museum taught us about the local area in Iron Age times and we found out what tribes were in Lincolnshire. We even went on a guided walk to find out exactly where evidence of Iron Age people were found, There was even a ‘mint’ in Sleaford, which means the settlement was very important.

This all led on to when the Romans invaded, which linked very nicely to what the children learnt in Year 5. 

Science - Evolution and Inheritance

In science, the children handled fossils and had to categorise them into different groups, imagining what life would have been like on Earth millions of years ago. They also carried out their very own evolution experiment by trying out different beaks with different types of food to see which birds would be most likely to survive. Year 6 completed some excellent research on how we have evolved as humans. They also write a biography all about Charles Darwin in our English lessons. They really have produced some excellent science work this term - well done everyone!

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