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Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to Y6! The final chapter of primary school is a year of exciting opportunities. The children will enjoy experiences that are rewarding and challenging so that everyone can shine. It will certainly be a year they won't forget. We have diverse topics with a range of engaging lessons and each child will have their own iPad. They have the opportunity to go on a residential trip and the year will end with one of our famous projects. 


As well as supporting children to reach their academic potential, the children will gain more independence with extra responsibilities within school. This will ensure the children are ready for their transition to secondary school. The children will be expected to work hard, but in return, they will be rewarded with many happy memories, lasting friendships, and an increased confidence to take onto their next adventure. 


The Year Six Teaching Team are:

Mrs. S Lee (Year Group Leader)

Mrs. L Irwin 

Mrs. N Mason

Mrs. L Browning (Deputy Head & Maths teacher)


The Year 6 Support Team are :

Mrs. D Savage (Teaching Assistant & PPA teacher)
Mrs. T Mitchell (Teaching Assistant)

Miss. L Harris - (1:1)

Mrs. A Papworth (1:1)


Our topics for the year 2020-2021 will be :

Term 1- Stone Age - Iron Age

Term 2- American Trailblazers 

Term 2- We'll Meet Again (WWII)

Term 3- We'll Meet Again (continued)

Term 5- Onwards and Upwards!

Term 6- Onwards and Upwards! (continued)


Please check back regularly to see what we have been doing!

Look at our plan for 2020-2021

Welcome back! Our latest newsletter (term 1)

Wow! What an amazing first term we have had in English. 

Year 6 have been gripped by our class story: 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret'. Their lessons have all been based around this book and they have displayed some excellent reading and writing skills. 

The children have explored the characters' feelings throughout the story with lots of discussion. They have made lots of inferences and have finished the term with some excellent poetry. 

They have focused on recounts and written some fantastic diaries based on the main characters: Isabelle and Hugo. We have been amazed by their exceptional vocabulary in their work and cannot wait to see what else they can do. 

Handwriting pens

We are extremely proud of these two children from Mrs Irwin's class. They have worked extremely hard on their handwriting and have been rewarded with their own fountain pens. Well done!

All of the maths classes have been brushing up on their place value knowledge and have started to use the four operations. 

We have been doing lots of Times Tables Rockstars to try and improve their speed and accuracy. 

They will be moving on to fractions and decimals next. 

The children have really launched themselves into our topic of prehistory. 
In our first lesson they were able to handle some real (ish) artefacts. In teams, they tried to date the artefacts in the Stone, Bronze or Iron Age and place them on a timeline. They then recorded the reasons for their choices in their books.

In our second lesson they were given a tour of a Stone Age settlement and had to predict what each feature was. They have also compared different houses in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. 

We were lucky enough to have a visitor from Sleaford museum who taught us all about the local Iron Age tribes.

The children have produced some excellent work on Seesaw, displaying their knowledge of Stone, Bronze and Iron Age houses. They have also shown a great understanding on the advancements of each era. 

The topic has concluded with some fantastic Iron Age new reports. 

What a term!  

We have started our new science topic on evolution in Y6.
In our first experiment the children pretended to be birds with different ‘beaks’. They had to pick up different types of food to see which beak was the best. They then concluded which ‘bird’ had best adapted to its environment. 

They have since learnt about inheritance and cross-breeding. 

The topic has concluded with research on Charles Darwin. The children have put all of their findings into a biography. Did you know Darwin is related to William Alvey?

Yoga and athletics

Y6 have been taking part in lots of mindful activities since the start of Y6. We have tried out yoga over the last couple of weeks and the children really seem to enjoy it. Just check out those ‘downward dogs’.


The children have also been doing athletics, focusing on: running, hurdles, throwing and jumping. We have seen a big improvement already. 

Y6 have already produced some stunning artwork this term. 
They have studied Georgia O’Keeffe and made some excellent sketches. They have also started to experiment with different watercolour techniques ready to produce a final piece. 

Just imagine the learning that will occur in these magical rooms...

Mrs Mason

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Mrs Lee

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Mrs Irwin

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