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Welcome Back!

Pick-up and drop-off times

Our front gate opens at 8.40am and the class doors open at 8.45am. The school day starts at 8.50am. I lock the gate at 9.10am and your child is marked as late after this time.

  • Y4 enter school under the car park barrier (this is always supervised by a staff member)
  • Everyone else enters school through the green gate at the top of the ramp

At pick-up time at the end of the day, the gate is opened at 3.10pm and the classroom doors open at 3.15pm for handover to parents in R/Y1/Y2.  The children in Y3/4/5/6 leave school at 3.25pm. Please note that Y3/4/5/6 are not handed over to a nominated adult, they walk out by themselves (although some year groups do walk down with the children at the end of the day).

  • Reception and Year 2 leave through the top gate and walk down the track
  • Mrs Barclay’s class (Y1) leave through the main gate but Mrs Ringrose and Mrs Stonestreet’s class (Y1) also leave through the top gate and walkdown the track
  • Year 4 leave under the car park barrier (supervised)
  • Y3/4/5/6 leave through the main gate

If the pick-up arrangements go wrong for any reason please tell your child(ren) to go back into school and find an adult. There are staff in school until 6.00pm. There will be lots of staff around on the first few days so don’t worry. It would help though if the children knew the name of their new teacher. See you next Tuesday (6th September 2022).

Social Media

We do lots of work with the children on internet safety and particularly on the use of social media in Y5 and Y6.  However, most apps and platforms have an age limit much older than primary aged children. It’s not there because the use of the app is difficult or complex but because primary age children find it difficult to deal with the impact of negative messaging and falling out on-line. Both school leadership and governors have concerns about the amount of staff time and school resources that have been spent on conflicts and issues arising from out-of-school social media use and want to ensure this does not continue. If your child has a problem on social media and they are using an app that is above their age-limit then we will now just refer you to this message. You do as always have the right to contact the Police should you wish to do so.

E-mail communications with school staff

Ever since COVID, lots of parents have had access to staff e-mails. This worked well during the pandemic but has subsequently meant that parents have been able to contact school staff 24/7 for issues that could perhaps wait until the school day begins. Our staff continue to mark and plan when they get home in the evening but it isn’t fair on them or their well-being, if they are also asked to respond to parental e-mails. In this light we now state that parents should not expect a response from staff after 5.00pm or before 8.00am in the morning.  If you do contact the school ‘out of hours’ then please use the school admin address but do not expect a response until the morning.

We really appreciate your support in this matter.