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Growth Mindset

Launched at the beginning of this year, Growth Mindset is embedded in our school and recognises that intelligence can be developed. When children learn that they can “grow their brains” and increase their intellectual abilities, they do better. This is the philosophy of ‘I can’ and ‘I can’t do it …YET’. 

It has been found that by focusing on the process which leads to learning (such as concentrating, persevering and learning from mistakes), we can foster a growth mindset in our children.

A child’s mindset influences how they perceive and respond to their world. In a growth mindset, children understand that challenges and failure framed as learning opportunities can help them to become smarter. Struggling and working on a challenge or setback is good for the brain’s neurological growth.

At the William Alvey School, we want our children to have access to techniques that will enable them to develop their resilience (a core value of ours) so they can face life’s many challenges.