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 Our Choir at the Riverside Church 29.4.23

St. George's Day

This song was written and performed by Chris Clark for the William Alvey.


Easter Jubilation 2023

Our 1940s Day

4.3.23 Miss Arden’s class loved listening to Ellie play her violin this week. It inspired them to find out more about the String section of the orchestra.

Our third entry into February's 2023 music challenge

Lily R playing 'Spanish Guitar' 

School Assembly 10.2.23

Christmas Choir in St Denys' 2022


Young Voices 2023 - Sing

Young Voices 2023 - Don't Worry

Young Voices 2023 - Rockstar

Young Voices 2023 - Proud

Young Voices 2023 - Trolls

Young Voices 2023 -Over the Hills

Young Voices 2023 - Nile Rodgers Disco Party

Young Voices 2023- Milligantics

Young Voices 2023 - Message

Young Voices 2023 Riverbend/Go the Distance




Stomp Clap


Peter Piper Picked


I Sing!




St George's Choir Festival


Sleaford Live Music Festival 7.5.22


Music certificates

Year 2 sing with The Beatles


Best chorus ever? March 22 Chris Clark with Y4


Carre’s Giant Orchestra Day

If your child has been learning an instrument for over a year and they wish to take part in the Carre’s Grammar School Giant Orchestra day in July, please see the Music page on the school website and follow the link to sign up. The programme includes music from the BBC Ten Pieces and an Ibiza Classics collaboration with a live DJ. We will be practising the music in Orchestra, so please come along!

Lincolnshire Music Service Concert 17th March


Year 4 Samba Drumming


Harley hits those tubs...14.3.22

Harley prepping for his first show this weekend for his RiverLight Performance.


Carre's Giant Orchestra Day 2022

Letter to parents.doc


Mrs Quarmby still teaches individual music lessons but when she left as a classroom teacher she bought the school 15 Djembe drums (this was several years ago). I promised to buy another 15 and have only just got round to it!

Year 2 learning about The String Family. Can you name 8 stringed instruments? 23.2.22

Never too late to enter our talent show...


Young Songwriter Competition 2022

The Young Songwriter 2022 competition is now open for entries. Please encourage budding young songwriters (aged 8-18) at your school to enter their songs. Plus we’d love your creative & musical pupils who’ve never written a song, to write their 1st song.

Talent Show 2022

After our first orchestra practice of the new year Mrs Ringrose says , "Not bad for a first try! Can you tell what it is?"


Christmas Chris and Friends


Theo has had his saxophone for 4 days only! How amazing is this....


Lincolnshire Music Service Choir 30.11.21


Young Voices Rehearsal 27.11.21

Georgie’s first violin lesson with Steve Clark.

Choir Songs - This is the Time and the Season


This Christmas Time.mp3 

St Denys' Plan (written and sung by Chris Clark) 9.10.21 

Live music is the best. Thank you Chris 6.10.21


Lexi hadn't sung in front of anyone other than her parents so we were all glad she decided to share her beautiful voice today. 


NEW POP CHOIR for Sleaford and the surrounding area

Singing is back again!!

Are you Year 6-13?

Would you like to sing in a new Pop Choir?

On Tuesday 28th September from 5.30 to 6.30, come along to St George's Academy Sleaford to try singing with other young people from around Sleaford. Boys and girls welcome. Come along with a group of your friends, or just by yourself if you want! The choir will run during term time, so if you need time to have a think, join us the following Tuesday instead.

The choir will be run by the Head of Music at St George's, Cat Vernon in the brand new Music Department buildings.

Your first session is completely free: you can just come along and try it out. It would help us to know who is coming if you could send an email straight away to Or you can just turn up on 28th or 5th October. If you like it you can then sign up, and for only £45 for the whole year, you can take part in our exciting programme of rehearsals and concert events.



Has your child shown an interest in learning a musical instrument? Did you know that there is a way to access private lessons in school time? From Year 1 onwards, instrumental lessons can be undertaken by pupils.

A lot of William Alvey pupils currently take instrumental lessons with the following teachers;

Piano – Mrs Quarmby

Guitar – Mr Clark

Violin/Viola – Mr Rogers (Lincolnshire Music Service)

Flute, clarinet, saxophone and recorder – Mrs Carter (Lincolnshire Music Service)

Drumming – TBC if there is enough interest Years 3,4,5 and 6 only (Lincolnshire Music Service)

Currently our piano and guitar timetable is full, however there is a waiting list and lessons can be offered as soon as a space becomes available. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email

If your child is interested in Lincolnshire Music Service tuition, please complete the attached form and submit it to them. This will in turn alert the school and timetables will be drawn up for lessons commencing in September.

If you have any other questions, please contact Mrs Ringrose at








Big Ben

Florence began piano lessons with Mrs Quarmby three weeks ago. Today in her lesson, she learned to play Big Ben’s chimes and wanted to show you.

Music Lessons

Please email if you are interested in instrumental lessons returning or beginning in September. There is a lot of information to give out and changes to how the lessons are going to be delivered so it will be easier to answer queries on a one to one basis. Instruments that can be taught are piano, guitar, violin, viola, flute, clarinet and saxophone.