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How do we describe spirituality as a church school?

Christians believe that everyone is a valued creation, individually and uniquely made by God, in his own image.

It also refers to God as a potter and describes everyone being the work of God’s hand.

Sometimes pots can crack or break. Sometimes things happen that make us feel cracked or changed.

This is ok and these experiences can make us stronger as individuals.

Christians believe that whatever happens to them in life, God is with them. God can mend gaps and put everyone back together.  

Our definition of spirituality

“Spirituality is not something we can see; it is something we feel inside ourselves. It is about awe and wonder, asking questions, inspiration and being aware of something ‘bigger’ outside of ourselves.”

'We are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand'. Isaiah 64:8

Read the story of the Kintsugi story - Kintsugi is a Japanese word meaning ‘golden joinery’.  Artists use golden glue to repair cracks bringing unexpected beauty and, in some cases, allowing the light to shine through.

Christians believe that this unexpected beauty from repairing the cracks of life is their own unique spiritual journey which builds their relationships with others, the environment and with God.

The Kintsugi Story

Far away in the East, in a Kingdom filled with beautiful things lived a great Emperor. As winter passed gradually to spring everyone began to look forward to the crowning of the Emperor’s son. It would be a great day of celebrating and feasting. Visiting kings and queens would be shown beautiful treasures made in the kingdom. In pride of place, next to the Prince’s crown stood an exquisite bowl made of the finest materials. Just before the big day, the Emperor awoke to the sound of commotion. To his horror he discovered the bowl had been broken and lay in pieces. The Emperor was desolate, and his son spent many hours trying to console him, but there was not enough time to make another bowl. The following day the Emperor awoke again to commotion. This time the news was even worse. The pieces of bowl and the royal crown had been stolen. The robber had been seen running away, he had been dressed in rags and was probably one of the homeless men whom the Emperor insisted were always fed. Someone thought the robber had run towards the princes’ rooms but all the rooms were locked and there was no sign of the prince. A long day passed with no news. The coronation day dawned and the dispirited Emperor awoke to commotion yet again. As he pushed through the crowd where the crown and bowl had once been kept, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was the crown but it was a simple, slim band of gold, less than half the size it had once been. Next to it the bowl had been repaired, every crack had been filled with a strand of gold, making it even more beautiful. The Emperor stared in amazement and then looked at his son, the prince. In the corner of his eye he noticed his son’s hands, they were covered in small scars, possibly burn marks. His son was going to be a wonderful Emperor the old man realised.

WOWs, OWs and NOWs

WOW Moments - These are the awe and wonder moments. 

The times when you want to breathe in and capture the feeling, holding onto it as long as you can. 


 OW Moments - These are the blows life can bring. They can knock the breath out of you.


 NOW Moments - These are the everyday ordinary times: being able to be present in the moment, being open and receptive to life, because God is not just for emergencies!

We help each other to recognise these moments in life and to reflect on events that make us who we are. 

Everyone one will respond differently to WOW, OW and NOW moments, therefore making each crack unique to us as individuals.


This is how we develop our very own sense of self, soul, personality, and character.

Our Own Unique Spiritual Journey.